Revolutionize Your Apparel & Accessories Store with Acid POS System!

One centralized retail POS system that controls all multi store operations within physical boutique stores and eCommerce website.


Touch and Complete!

Loaded with intuitive clothing and accessories options, Acid POS converts complicated into simple. Average cashier training only takes few hours and support is always just a phone call away. It takes less than 10 seconds to checkout via cash and 15 seconds for a credit card order.
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Diverse POS Choices!

Advanced reporting dashboard shows you every sale in real time. Run your purchase orders through Acid POS system and worry less by automating inventory and customer management. Acid POS is the ultimate apparel and accessories POS management tool all in one place.
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Powered by Magento!

Magento is the top choice when it comes to apparel and accessories eCommerce website. Sync your gift cards, loyalty points, credits, and inventory across stores and website. Magento web platform is scalable and loaded with marketing features. Base selections on color, size, etc., and evaluate your daily cost vs sales.eCommerce Website

Apparel POS System

Developed by fashion and clothing store owners, cashiers, accounting specialists and developers, Acid POS contains all the details you need to run succesfull day to day apparel inventory and customer operations. Your hardware is customizable to your store's preffered look and feel.

Core hardware includes: Touch screen unit, Thermal receipt printer, Barcode scanner, Receipt peripheral and Cash drawer. Read more on hardware.


  • Group & Tier Discounts
  • Customer Credit Accounts
  • Gift/Refund Receipts
  • Stores/Web Gift Card Sync
  • Customer Rewards
  • Purchase Power Data
  • Hold Orders


  • Customer Charge Accounts
  • Easy Refunds/Exchanges
  • Chip Card Terminals
  • Refund To Any Chip Card
  • ApplePay & Contactless
  • Gift and Pre Receipts
  • Split Payments


  • Daily Accounting Summaries
  • Advanced POS Reporting
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • QB Accounting Connectivity
  • Transfer Inventory
  • Out of Stock Thresholds
  • Mass Import / Export


  • User Permissions & Roles
  • Manage Purchase Orders
  • Multiple Barcodes per SKU
  • Runs on Multiple Platforms
  • Offline POS Functionality
  • Login Options (Code vs Pass)
  • Rental Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Apparel & Accessories POS Questions

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  • Can I sync warehouse inventory with my website?

    With Acid POS system for apparel, syncing store inventory with website and multiple other store is easy and intuitive.

  • Can I sell products from another warehouse?

    Yes, with Acid POS you will see all available inventory accross the stores and website. We also have the funtionality to select items from different warehouse and send them to your customers. all done through Acid POS interface.

    ex. Customer wants size XL and you have all other sizes but that one. You can order it from your other store via pos and custmer pays immediately in store.

  • Can I use gift cards in store and online?

    Yes, you can buy gift cards at the store and redeem them online, or buy them online and redeem at the store. Same applies to credits, loyalty point and charge accounts. Acid POS has achieved full store sync in regards to customer management.

  • Can I have chip card reader for payments?

    Acid POS is partnered with Bridgepay to bring you latest in payment terminal technology. You pick the terminal and we will make the integration. Best choices at the moment are iPP 350 and iSC Touch 250. we also provide ApplePay and Contactless technology. Simple card swiper is also possible, although not recommended.

  • Can I access extensive customer history?

    Everything from previous purchases to customer buying power is at your fingertips. We also have a special feature for those not so "friendly" customers.

  • Can I apply automatic customer discounts?

    You can apply automatic special discounts to your selected VIP group, or you can base discount on the amount that customer spends on checkout. Example would be if customer spends more than $500 they get $20 off their order. Many variations possible. You can also discount per order or per item.

  • Can I sync my sales with Quickbooks?

    We provide every user with our daily and monthly DSR reports. You can use that for your accounting sales and export it for Quickbooks if needed. However, we usually sync directly with Quickbooks using THub or Webgility as 3rd party services. Reason why we use those services is their ability to bring back data into our pos automatically as well. Example would be that all sales export to QB but tracking informationis update in QB and comes back.

  • Can I use my own hardware equipment?

    Selecting your own hardware is definitely somethign you can do. We will also help you and point out advantages and disadvanteges that you need ot be aware of from each unit.

Loaded with Clothing Features

From full gift card compatibility in store/website to perpetual inventory and prediction tools - we got it all! We keep adding features on weekly basis. Our dedicated team is working daily to bring new fashion infused ideas to life. See our features.

Customer & Inventory Sync

Sync your inventory between brick and mortar stores and make your website use existing store inventory. Checking on customers, receipts, reporting, and inventory from all store locations can be viewed on any Acid POS cashier system.

Apparel Feature Customization

Any current feature is ready for further customization. We understand some stores collect different data about their customers. We know eCommerce and POS evolves daily and our team is there to make sure your system is scalable and always up to speed.

Upgrade your apparel store with Acid POS.