Point of Sale System Terminal as Your Cash Register?

Many people wonder why a POS system is so much better than a cash register. Cash registers have been around for close to 150 years, and many successful companies did just fine with them.

The most basic POS terminal is simply an electronic cash register tied into a computer. Many of these POS terminals look just like a cash register and have cash drawers. A smartphone or a tablet can also be equipped for processing transactions and used as a POS terminal.

A small business with a basic POS setup might run a computer in their back room and have a few POS terminals tied into that using their local network. Even with a simple configuration like this, having all the POS terminals in the store hooked together is a significant advantage over having old cash registers.

When the POS terminals are networked, the proprietor can set up the whole store just once. For instance, telling it which barcodes go with which product or inputting the system the sales tax.

Additionally, the server in the back keeps track of the sales and other activities all in one place. Without this connectivity, every change would have to be done on the cash registers manually, and sales would also have to be printed and collected from each cash register!

Upgrade Your Cash Register to Acid POS!

But the benefits of a POS system over a cash register can far exceed the convenience of just having connectivity between all of your terminals. There are additional features that a great POS system like ACID includes at no extra cost:

Cash Register

Acid POS Cash Register

• being able to accept multiple payment types,
• integration with an eCommerce store,
• run customized sales, promotions & loyalty programs,
• tracking all of your inventory in real-time,
• client scheduling,
• rentals,
• split payments,
• store credit,
• ticket sales,
• tips and donation functionality,
• customer tracking,
• curbside pickup,
• flexible inventory reconciliation,
• dynamic reporting,
• employee management,
• delivery driver routing,
• purchase order system, and
• so much more!

You will not find any of these features included in most POS systems. Some of them might be available as add-ons in more expensive POS systems or require costly third-party integration and service contracts. ACID includes all of the above features and many more, at no additional cost.

POS Cash Register

There are a few pitfalls you want to avoid when selecting a POS system. Remember to consider your overall cost for purchase or rental of equipment, including computers, servers, software licenses, and someone to keep it all running. Also, try to imagine the cost to your business if it is unreliable, like a lot of the self-maintained systems.

Another trap newcomers to POS systems encounter are rental-schemes where you must pay recurring fees for the equipment. After a few months of rentals, you have already exceeded the cost of having bought your terminals!

POS Cash RegisterWhen considering your total cost of ownership, you also have to factor in the price of any add-ons you might want if they are not included in the basic system. You might also be on your own for negotiating reasonable transaction rates for merchant services that run your charges.

None of the pitfalls we have mentioned are things you need to worry about when you have ACID POS. As a cloud-based system, we remotely handle the backbone, so you don’t have to buy or maintain any expensive back-office equipment.

ACID also offers a low total cost of ownership because all of the advanced features you want are already built-in. We partner with over 80 merchant processors and gateways, including Worldpay, Bridgepay, and Fiserv, so that we can offer the very lowest processing fees!

Our elegant and value-priced POS terminals are a great deal, and you never have to pay monthly rental fees for them! ACID POS stationary units include dual screens up to 22”, receipt printers that can print graphics like your logo, sleek matching cash drawers, barcode scanners, keyboard, and mouse. We also have a mobile point of sale tablet that can be used around your store with Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G cellular-enabled so it can work at any location. It is perfect for in-store, curbside, deliveries, trade shows, and remote customer checkout.

All ACID POS terminals and tablets support PCI and PA-DSS standards, RFID chipped, Apple Pay, and NFC contactless payments. This means your customers can securely pay with whatever method they like!

Our team works with newcomers to the POS terminal arena, and we are here to help get you set up and give you support whenever you need it. Because ACID is a cloud-based system, you only have to get the POS terminals you need right now, and you can add more as your business grows.

Cash registers had a great run, but POS systems are so much better! Contact us today so we can tell you more about what an ACID system can do for your business.