Acid POS Hardware

What makes us different from the rest of the POS solutions is having our own proprietary Acid POS hardware. We faced many challenging store setups and decided to build our own solution that tailors to multiple store configurations.

The advantage of Acid point of sale hardware is that you can put together selective peripherals that fit your store’s look and feel. Besides the main POS unit (which can also be selective based on power and size), you are able to choose the preferred hardware that works best for your store. You can display your setup together or hide items like cash register and thermal printer – if you are going for that ultra clean look. We also took care of the wires that go through the central system of the unit minimizing visibility from customer’s point of view.


A Series Acid POS

Beautiful black 21-inch screen front and 11-inch customer facing screen. Great for retailers that run POS administrative duties, research and POS operations all in one place.


L Series Acid POS

Black 16-inch front and 12 inch back touch screen. Elegant design, hidden wires and plenty of connectivity. Perfect for small or large retailers focusing on POS tasks.


K Series Acid POS

White 16-inch front and 12 inch back touch screen. Elegant design, hidden wires and plenty of connectivity. Perfect for small or large retailers focusing on POS tasks.

All Acid POS Units Feature

10-Point Touch Screen
Fast Response Rate
Thin Flat Panel
Scratch Resistant

Anti-Glare Screen
Full HD Display (1080P)
Oil Resistant

Wireless Connection
Noise Reduction
Constant Cooling

Smoke Resistant
Various Connectivity
Front Panel Screen
60 Degree Adjustments

Main Acid POS Bundle (Required)

Each customer is required to purchase initial bundle when starting Acid POS for the first time. Simply select your Series (A, L or K), and we will do the rest by loading you with best possible options. Our Acid Bundle is proprietary and each POS unit, drawer, barcode scanner and thermal printer is carefully design for ease of use and maximum compatibility.

Acid Bundle Offer

Acid Bundle Options

Each new order of Acid POS (Series A, L & K) comes as a bundle. Bundle includes main unit, thermal printer, cash register barcode scanner, 10 ID cards, mini keyboard and mouse, payment terminal and all necessary wiring.

Payment Gateways and Terminals Information

Acid POS 3D Virtual Models

Additional POS Hardware (Optional)

Besides regular Acid POS units, we also offer hardware extensions to use in remote locations like trade show, trunk show or any type of event. You can also sell and check tickets at the location thanks to our ticket management feature. On remote location, it is best to use our Acid tablet with chip card reader.

Remote Location Accessories

Remote location hardware is best used on trade shows, trunk shows or if you simply need added pos for your store event. It consists of an Acid Tablet, mini BT barcode scanner and iSMP4 Terminal. Each item can be ordered through our shop once you are setup fully as our customer.

Remote Location Bundle
Acid POS Peripheral Devices

Other Peripherals

Acid POS is pre-configured with several plug and play hardware devices. Select from barcode Dymo printers, standalone barcode scanners and more.

Each peripheral and all supplies can be ordered from our customer shop.