Sales Rep Application

Just like our innovative software Acid Point of Sale, we are bringing different type of sales interaction where everything is easier and depends on your time investment and effort. We will help you to achieve your results as much as possible by providing you with knowledge, operations and convenient collateral material you can hand out to your potential leads. Every account signup and sale leads to better commissions and your work fully depends on your time and dedication.

Who Can Signup?

Anyone who things would be a great candidate. Minimum requirements are:

18+ years of age.

Must reside and live in USA.

You need to have your own laptop for showcase/demo to customer.

Ability to move around your city.

Any higher education is a bonus.


Who is ideal for this position?

If you have current sales job, great contacts, and talk to business owners and managers on daily basis – you are perfect for the job. Some examples of who can use this added part time job to their advantage would be commercial real estate agents, any sales agents, payment processor agents, store owners, store managers, sales enthusiasts. Basically anyone who wants to make a difference in their life and grow with us by providing great software that physical stores can rely on.

Rules and Regulations:

Sales Area: Each salesperson receives his/her specific geographical area. Usually it is split by cities, but you are free to bring a lead from another city without penalty. We are cloud based and most of the time business have stores in several cities.

Software Details: Please study our website in detail. You will also be provided with videos, walk-throughs, and demos so that you can showcase our software yourself. In the beginning, we would take over at demo level and try to get the sale, but you should be familiar with the software for initial introduction and to warm up the lead. Once you feel confident you will be given ability to fully close the sale by offering our demo yourself.

Hardware Details: We create our own software and hardware. There are no 3rd party vendors so you need to get familiar what we can do and how it gets setup. We will provide you with necessary knowledge, schemas and details before you start.

Payment Terminals: This is something you need to learn. You need to understand which terminals we sell and how they operate. Nothing that really requires to much study involvement on your end. It is very easy and straight forward.

Collateral: You will be provided with several different variations of brochures, downloadable material, door hangers, magnets, and other required material to warm up to the lead.

What is expected of you: Your dedication to the goal and ability to teach potential lead about our software. Our average sale closing post demo is very high. We provide state of the art system that only a handful companies can come near us in functionality and price. You are free to establish your own work hours and methods of deployment. You will also be responsible for communication and gathering of material from customer before the launch.

Commission/Earnings: Similar to real estate agents, you need to setup your environment when you first start to become really good as time goes on. if you establish yourself strong and work hard – we will be right there with you to support you along the way. Commissions are only granted on initial sales – no subsequent sales or monthly premiums are counted towards future commissions. Bonuses are also offered and will be provided in details upon acceptance. You will be offered specifics on your earnings after approval.

Your earnings and commissions are based on per account bases and amount of POS systems sold. If stores have more than one location, more than likely they will open additional accounts right away. It is very likely that you can average 2-3 accounts per one great lead.

Example: Apparel store in California has 6 locations. You close the deal and each location will open its own account. Accounts are based on actual physical locations (not amount of point of sale systems). So that is 6 accounts = $6K in commissions. You also hit a bonus with 6 accounts for a month and you will get another $800 in bonus. So with this example of one good store brand – you can easy make $7K in commissions.

Commission Payouts: Payouts are given 7 business days after 1st payment is made by the customer. In other words, if we close account on 1st of the month, their payment arrives on 5th. You will be paid on 13th or 15th of that month (depending on business days).

What is not allowed: We do not allow any online google adwords advertising, any paid linked in advertising, any paid feed advertising and every email marketing campaign must be approved by us (just so we are sure it complies with our strategy and brand). We must restrict those marketing funnels due to brand protection and cross sales references.

Owner Rights: Owner reserves the right to release anyone from sales contract for any reason. However, every closing of referral will be honored per above guidelines for the next 6(six) months after salespersons release of contract.

Application Response Time:

Please allow up to 48 hours for your application to be reviewed. We base our decision on specific geo area, background and ability to work in software environment. But most of all, we look at your interest and enthusiasm. if we can grow with you – you are the person we are looking for.

Please fill out the details below to be considered for part time position: