Consolidate brick and mortar stores with all eCommerce operations.
Uniquely scalable retail point of sale solution.

Engineered from the ground up to maximize your retail efficiency

Acid L Series Black Product

Full Control of Retail & Web Sales

Elegant proprietary touchscreen hardware.

Staff training tutorials and cashier quick-prep guides.

Sell custom, bundled, special order, and service products.

Connect to most ERP, CRM systems.

Tailored For Your Retail Business

We support following store types:

Apparel & Accessories
Sporting Goods
Hardware & Materials
Beauty & Cosmetics

Tobacco & Cigars
Cannabis & Vape
Firearm Dealers
Furniture & Bedding
Garden & Nursery
Pet Stores

Gift Shop
Ice Cream Shop
Toy Stores
Eye & Sunglasses
Lighting & Home Decor

Art Stores
Museums & Parks
Therapy & Massage
Nutrition Shops
Resale & Thrift Stores

Customer Management

Understand your customers and give them reason to return by building brand loyalty.

  • Track each purchase and measure the impact of loyalty programs
  • Determine customer value by ranking lifetime spending
  • Configurable fields and multiple profiles
  • Automate deals to existing and prospective customers
ACID POS Customer Management
Inventory Control Management

Inventory Management

Identify crucial stock changes in real time and control movement of goods between your store channels.

  • Multi warehouse, source, and stock control
  • Regular and perpetual inventory takes
  • Barcode and label creation management
  • Live stock valuations and auto daily logs
  • Special product designer and recipe process

Supplier & PO Management

Ensure your procurement purchase process is relevant, easy to use, and cost effective for your business.

  • Full detailed supplier management
  • Step by step purchase order completion
  • Instant cost and standard cost changes
  • Easy low threshold PO re-ordering
  • Delivery and driver options
Purchase Order Management
Sales Management

Sales Management

Process transactions in stores or on remote event locations without the need to separate stock or use any additional data manipulation.

  • Remote location sales (On-The-Go)
  • Contactless NFC / RFID processing
  • Online, in-store or offline payments
  • All card types accepted w/ chip and EMV
  • Complete refunds, exchanges and voids from anywhere

Looks Matter When You Run ACID

Elegant Look – Dual Touchscreens – Powerful – Hidden Wires

ACID POS - A Series

A Series

ACID POS - L Series

L Series

ACID POS - M Series

M Series (mobile)

ACID Pay Merchant Processing

ACID PAY Merchant Processing

Modernize how you accept and process payment with with our own low cost ACID PAY merchant processing.

  • All card types accepted w/ Chip and EMV
  • Full PCI compliance
  • ACH and “Buy Now – Pay Later” available
  • Low merchant processing fees
  • Option to select your preferred processor

Support & Training Included

From on-boarding sessions, on demand training to daily 24 hour support – we are here for you.

  • Get premium 24/7 online support
  • Guided new staff or cashier on-boarding
  • Personal training help when needed
  • Customer exclusive supplies shop
  • Access to new features and manuals / guides
ACID POS Training
Multiple Stores

Scale Easy To Multiple Stores

One retail store or five hundred, we can help you implement scalable solution perfect for now and in the future.

  • Track & transfer inventory across all brick and mortar channels
  • Control barcode management and labeling
  • Forecast and sell into negative balance with triggered restocking
  • Ability to add more POS machines or users anytime

Loss Prevention Management

Keep your retail store assets protected from fraud and intentional staff theft.

  • Video surveillance during every sale
  • Alerts on exceptional actions
  • Keystroke management logs and analytics
  • Low threshold stock warnings
Loss Prevention Management