Acid Point of Sale Detailed Hardware

Review our 3 stationary units and what peripherals come with each Acid base POS setup. Select from A, L and K Series. Each series is also extendable to Acid Pad so you can take our sales “on the go”.

Most popular unit is L Series due to its compact size and elegance. It can easily be paired with almost any thermal receipt printer and barcode scanner. if you require more larger screen (mostly used in conjunction with daily store duties like making spreadsheet or internet research), your best bet is A series as a solution.

Acid Bundle Includes:

POS Unit Dual Touchscreen

Thermal Receipt Printer

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Automatic Cash Drawer

Wireless Slim Keyboard / Mouse

Preferred Operating System

A Series Acid POS

Series A – Front

Series A Cash Drawer

Series A – Cash Drawer

Series A - 2D Detachable Barcode Scanner

Series A – 2D Barcode Scanner

A Series Acid POS Back

Series A – Back

Series A - Thermal Printer

Series A – Receipt Printer

Series A - Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

Series A – Keyboard / Mouse

L Series Acid POS

Series L – Front

Series L Cash Drawer

Series L – Cash Drawer

Series L Barcode Scanner

Series L – Barcode Scanner

L Series Acid POS Back

Series L – Back

Series L Thermal Receipt Printer

Series L – Receipt Printer

Series L Keyboard Mouse Combo

Series L – Keyboard / Mouse

K Series Acid POS

Series K – Front

Series K Cash Drawer

Series K – Cash Drawer

Series K Barcode Scanner

Series K – Barcode Scanner

K Series Acid POS Back

Series K – Back

Series K Thermal Printer

Series K – Receipt Printer

Series K – Keyboard / Mouse