Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Point of sale systems are robust and contain multitude of options. We understand that finding a great POS system is not an easy task. When we look at Acid Point of Sale we focus on different areas of efficiency. Each setup is split between software, hardware, user interface and payment options.

We try to answer each difficult and confusing question with as much clarity as possible. If you require additional explanation on any of the subjects please email or call us at (972) 503-6422.

Will I be able to transfer my current data?

In 95% of cases you will be able to transfer your data. It also depends what you are currently running as your POS. It is very rare that we can’t pull the existing data from POS systems.

Do you also provide cloud server for Acid POS?

Yes, we will present you with few options, but we do offer Cloud Services as well as dedicated servers. Just depends on how large your inventory is and how many functionalities you require. Our monthly licensing fee will contain cloud server for one store up to 20K items. There would only be incremental monthly fees to handle more than 20K items in terms of server power and space.

How long does it usually take to integrate Acid POS?

That depends on your data and what exactly you need to have. Typical integration is anywhere from 10 days to 2 months, but it can get longer if you have over 100K products due to data and server requirements.

Can you run Acid POS on any PC?

That is possible but not recommendable. At least 20% of the features will not be available to you and also it will go through separate licensing program. We provide additional firewall setting just for that type of access. Our hardware is specifically designed to remove obstacles of updates, firewalls, dual screens, touchscreen ability, etc. You can see how using regular PC / Laptop can impact yours and customer experience.

Do you offer backups?

Yes, daily database backups are provided as part of licensing. It also depends on what you select as your server cloud options and additional optional maintenance plans, but all basic plans cover daily database backups.

How is maintenance handled?

Our maintenance is part of our licensing. We combine licensing, maintenance and server costs into one fee. This is generally the reason why we require you to go through quick quote to determine the best savings we can provide you.

Can I add more power to my cloud server?

Yes absolutely. If you go with one of our servers for better price and reliability we will always make sure optimization is in place. Our cloud server will scale as you need it automatically. For those that opt out for dedicated servers and something they want to control in-house themselves – you will be responsible for scalability and reliability of that server. We offer Amazon, Google, and Digital Ocean cloud servers so you will have plenty to select from and decide on the power that you want.

Do you provide any type of training?

Yes, we provide various training sessions. You will have online training sessions before you launch your Acid POS solution. We also provide paid on location training which we are happy to provide depending on the size of the business and timeline. Online training sessions will be detailed and you will always be able to rely on online manuals afterwards. In most cases our customer support creates specific instructional videos just for your store situations and send them to you. This way you can always rely on the same video guide.

What type of store is Acid POS best for?

Acid POS is very advanced and robust point of sale system. Even though it can support any type of store, bar and restaurant included, our current focus is boutique stores and small businesses. Our solution is heavy in analytics, business intelligence, return customers, rewards, credits and specific type of offers that are usually not used in “charge and go” type of environments like bars, restaurants or grocery stores. Acid POS is ideal for these types of stores: Apparel and Accessories, Footwear, Sporting Goods, Baby and Kids, Beauty and Cosmetics, Jewelry, Resale Shop, Tobacco and Cigars, Guns and Firearms, Vape and Medicinal, Furniture and Bedding, Cannabis, Garden and Nursery, Hardware and Materials, Pet Stores, Gift Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Lighting, Bookstore, Toy Store, Thrift Store, Parks and Wildlife, Various Marketplaces, Art Stores, Medical Stores, Eye and Sunglasses, Electronics, Therapy and Massage, Nutrition Shop.

How does typical integration look like?

First, we want you to fill out our quote form to better understand what you have (if anything) and what you need. Once you send us the quote request, you will get average price of software and hardware for your store. Once you decide Acid POS is right for you, we will send you detailed questionnaire to start the implementation. Before you make a decision, we are available to you for as many walk-throughs and demos as you need.

Once implementation is done at our offices, we will ship your new hardware, software and payment terminals. All you need is input your products (which we also help initially to get you going). We understand there is “getting to know software” period and we are there for you every step of the way. In addition, we will explain you more on how to do gift cards, smart cards, labels,etc. There is a lot to know,  but we make it really simple to understand.

Payment terminals are also handled in sync depending on which terminal you believe will fit your store best. One of our reps from First Data, Vantiv (Worldpay) or Bridgepay will give you a call during our integration. They will get you the best lowest rate possible and we will do the rest. we don’t use middle sales for credit card processing so our rates are really on the bottom line.

Will my inventory sync between all my physical stores?

Yes, you are able to also see all inventory levels in all warehouses (stores) at once. You can also fulfill orders and ship them from main warehouse if customer requests it. 

Will my inventory sync with my website?

Yes. Your inventory can be shared with a warehouse and website. So basically one physical store and website can sell from same inventory, or you can separate them into their own individual inventory.

Can I analyze customer data with Acid POS?

Yes absolutely. You will have extensive reporting and analytics in the back end of the system. You can also set permissions who you allow to see the data.

Can I create and control user permissions?

Yes, you have the ability to adjust who can see which sections of the admin back end. In addition, you are also able to set extensive permission on front end of the Acid POS for your cashiers. This area is also constantly expanding as we introduce new features.

Do you provide daily sales reports (DSR)?

Yes, you will have the ability to run DSR (Daily Sales Report) for any type of date in the past or up to the minute. We have additional sales reporting dependent on customer groups, taxes, etc.

Can I run reports?

You will have ability to run many reports and segmentations per need. We have advanced reports that can be used for any type of report requirement. You can even build your own.

Do you export daily inventory?

Yes, we export daily inventory that you can refer to at a later date. This is very useful for accounting and inventory valuation at the end of the month to balance your purchase orders vs sales.

Can I see all of my inventory at once?

You have the ability to see and export all the inventory from all stores in one place. You can also add cost to each item and department for a full “picture” of your inventory. Basically your valuation of store products is all in real time so you can calculate any type of data.

What is Acid POS based on?

Currently we have two versions. One is proprietary and stand alone, and the other is fully synced with Magento 2 / Magento 2 Enterprise platform. By Magento 2 sync we mean 100% real time sync. With other platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Oracle Netsuite and others we can guarantee sync up to 90% of required data. Just depends on what exactly you need to sync.

Can I connect to accounting software and sync my data?

We have several options here. You can use our own DSR (daily sales report) which is extremely detailed and you can export it per need to QuickBooks OR you can use some other 3rd party existing service like Thub or Webgility. We work with several bridges to Quickbooks from our POS since it is very popular. One important thing to note is that you might want to consider other options if you run multiple stores and inventories. QB at the moment can handle only one inventory per installation which makes it extremely hard to run multiple store inventories through QB. Our internal system can give you all the details you need for successful accounting and tax collections.

What are the core parts of Acid POS?

Core parts of Acid POS would be main touchscreen unit (dual screens), thermal receipt printer (BT), wireless 2D barcode scanner, cash register and keyboard/mouse (if required). We will also additionally send you some other items that will get you started right away.

What additional units/peripherals one might consider?

You need to consider getting additional items like barcode/label printer, our Acid Pad, different types of scanners, chargers  and holders. All available in our existing customer online store. 

What type of brands do we prefer and trust?

For our touchscreen unit we provide our own proprietary brand Acid POS. We have our own factory and our system is specifically designed based on cashier recommendations and actual usage over the years. Our units are glare free, oil proof and smoke proof. we also provide Acid brand advanced 1D/2D barcode scanners, Acid Pads, Acid Thermal Printers and Acid Cash Drawers. We occasionally integrate other brands (except main units) if customers really want specific look and feel. 

What kind of touch screen is preferred?

We provide 3 types of units with 16″ (black) and 21″ (black) screens for our customers. We can not depend on smaller screens than 16″ due to features and robust reports that you can interact with. However, we do have optimized version for Acid Pad that runs on 13″ screen and you can take remotely and also sell through chip card payments.

How long does it take for one unit to be prepared?

Usually it will take anywhere from 5 to 12 days for a unit to be ready and loaded with proper connections in regards to hardware. Sometimes it also depends on availability of certain hardware (even though we keep most fully stocked). Software can take much longer depending on your requirements. Software time does not effect hardware time or vice versa.

Which specific payment terminals do you support?

It really depends on solution you are going with. If you go with ACID Pay you will most likely be offered our verifone collection. Other credit card terminals are only offered through specifics that gateway offers. We support all advanced top terminals like Ingenico iPP320, iPP350, iSC Touch 250, iSC Touch 480, iSMP4 and Verisign MX915, MX925.

Can I access Acid POS via ID cards or PIN?

Yes, as admin you can select your preferred method of login for your cashiers and managers. Or you can turn on all of them.

Can I use customer credit and credit balances?

Yes. You can also adjust it on front POS interface and back end of the system..

Can I do gift cards?

Yes. We have very advanced Gift Card features. You can sell cards in store or buy it online. They can be used in sync between different purchasing options or per individual store.

Can I put items on hold?

Yes, you are able to put items on hold and reactivate checkout at any time. You are also able to connect them to specific customer.

Can I see customer details?

Yes, you can see all recent purchases from any customers as well as their details. we also provide special fields so that you can collect data you prefer.

Can I ship items from another store?

Yes. You are able to ship from another store’s inventory in case you are out of inventory at your main store. It is easy and seamless. Accounting is also adjusted to fit this feature.

Can I exchange items?

Yes absolutely. You can exchange any type of item very easily and add leftover price, or subtract and issue refund for leftover price.

Can I log into system remotely?

Yes, that is possible, but we have to mention that we put several layers of security to make it better. So you need to be cleared for remote access first in order to use it. We take data privacy very seriously and go through extra lengths to keep it that way.

Can I do gift receipts?

Yes, you can print gift receipts for your customers.

How do I access Acid POS?

First, you will have to pass cloud firewall and then you will have the ability to log in via code or password based on every user.

Can I sell tickets on Acid POS?

Yes absolutely. You can also sell them online at the same time. We also have area for redeeming each ticket once the event is taking place.

Can I create custom customer fields?

Yes you can create up to 10 custom fields that you can collect information from your customers. You can use upload, text, dropdowns, multiple select and text area fields. Keep in mind these are only additional ones. We already have all the general ones in place like gender, birthday, suffix, etc. You can customize your fields if you are in specific industry and information you need to collect.

Can I use employee timesheets?

Yes, we support full employee timesheets punch in/out solution. Admin can also modify and overwrite hours and force punch in/out. Also simple reports are available for employee as well as advanced reports for administrator (owner).

Can I use reward points and loyalty memberships?

Yes. You can also adjust it on front POS interface and back end of the system. They also work seamlessly with your online store.

Can I offer discounts?

Discounts are available in several forms. You can do discounts per cart, per items or applying special prices on the go. You are also able to use online code if customers got their offer through email or online store. Acid POS can also automatically apply discounts per user or group.

Can I return items?

Yes you can. Returns can be in form of store credit, loyalty points, gift card or simple cashback as well as original card refund.

Can I use Acid POS on events?

Yes, you can definitely do that. Also you can bring the wireless terminal with you if you need ot keep moving. Our suggestion is to get our Acid Pad or Google Chromebook, small mobile wireless terminal and pocket size scanner. We sell them all and they are excellent addition to the core POS software.

Can I use Acid POS if there is no internet?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind also that almost all advanced payment terminals are now driven with online access. So best way is to accept cash in the interim. These situation are extremely rare.

Can I sell memberships and subscriptions on Acid POS?

Yes, we have the ability to sell monthly, daily, weekly, and yearly memberships. We use online tokenization so you never save customer cards. Renewals are automatic. All done initially through our POS.

Can I limit access and do permissions?

Yes, you can limit access for certain cashiers and not allow them to go into more important areas like inventory management or ticketing system among other features.

What kinds of payments are supported?

We support all kinds of payment that USA retailers require: Credit Cards (chip), Debit Cards (chip), Gift Cards, Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards, Checks, Cash, Charge Accounts, Point of Banking Payments, Reward Point Payments, Split and Partial Payments. We are ready for all situations that you might come across.

Do we support chip card terminals?

Yes. Acid POS is 100% Credit and Debit Chip Card ready. We comply with all the latest standards.

Is Apple Pay or contactless payment supported?

Yes. With our terminals (iPP320, iPP350, iSMP4, iSC250, iSC480, MX915 and MX925), you will have that ability. We are very specific in listening to your needs and contactless (with applepay) is always at our top list of priorities to support.

Who is our payment gateway and processor?

We have our own called ACID Pay. If you are planning to save money – we are the best solution hands down when it comes to comparison and fees. However, we are also fully supported, partenred and credited with CardConnect (First Data), Bridgepay, WorldPay (formerly Vantiv). Fiserv, CloverConnect, Usio and many others. We ONLY accept cloud based solutions and do not work with middle resellers. We connect directly to gateway and only on latest connectors.

Are you fully certified by payment processors?

Yes absolutely. We are fully certified by Worldpay (formerly Vantiv), First Data (now Fiserv), USIOm, and Bridgepay along with other smaller ones.

What types of terminals do you offer?

We offer regular terminals and Touch/Signature terminals. Specifically we offer entire Verifone, Ingenico and PAX line of products. Those types of terminals you can commonly find in large and small business around the country (wallmart, bestbuy, theaters, etc). They are most commonly used and very reliable. It is also important to note that terminals must be cloud ready and latest in encryption. We do all that for you so you don’t have to worry – you simply pick the look and done.

What about payment PCI compliance?

When using Acid POS you are compliant with NFC, EMV and PA-DSS Solutions. We care for your security.

Do we provide credit card swiper?

Yes we do, but at this time it is not recommended to use swipers in stores for any type of sales due to security reasons. In fact it is very hard to find a swipe solution today. New regulations require businesses to use chip card terminals at minimum.

Will I be able to see every transaction through terminal?

Yes, you will be able to see all up to second transactions. You can use our POS to see API call on merchants website all in real time, or you can opt out and just go to merchant website and see it. Either way it is same information.

Which payment processors do you accept?

We prefer ACID Pay to save you money and headache on customer service and fees. But also we accept in the vicinity of about 80 payment processors. Chances are we can either continue with what you currently have, or give you the best rate out there if you are a new customer opening new store. Whatever the case, we can make it happen and connect to your desired payment processor.