Best In Class Low Fee Merchant Processing

Integrated Processing for Brick and Mortar and Online Shops (All In One)

One account with low fees for both eCommerce and brick and mortar stores

ACID Pay Merchant Processing

ACID Pay In-Store Processing

Modernize how you accept and process payment with with our own low cost ACID PAY merchant processing.

  • All card types accepted w/ Chip and EMV
  • Full PCI compliance
  • ACH and “Buy Now – Pay Later” available
  • Pinless Debit
  • Option to select your preferred processor

ACID Pay eCommerce Payments

Simply install our module in one of popular platforms or create your own API connection.

  • All credit and debit card types accepted
  • Full PCI compliance
  • Allow for Save Card for later
  • Real time fraud check
  • Flexible integration with authorization and capture
ACID Pay eCommerce

Connect Your Magento Shop Easily
– Through Our Payment Extension

Connect it seamlessly to our ACID POS Units

Or use it for your own bootstrapped project…

ACID POS - A Series

A Series

ACID POS - L Series

L Series

ACID POS - M Series

M Series (mobile)

Payment Acceptance

Payment facilitation and certified ACH solution. Created specifically for retail and eCommerce companies.

Merchant Processing

Flat-rate payment processing for single merchants


Low cost, greater funding control, Nacha certified

Payment Facilitation

Integrated Payments & Automated Onboarding

Are you a Magento agency or web developer building custom shopping carts. Offer your customers value added service that saves them money in processing fees.