See how Acid Point of Sale is used in live environment. This showcase brings you a quick peek of Community Gardens in Bastrop, Texas.

Community Gardens has a mix of selling channels across their store property. They are primarily a marketplace selling merchandise from 40 different vendors plus their own in house merchandise. In addition, they organize trade shows, offer bar and lounge, hold multiple events, full service office rentals and equipment, stone yard, ticket sales, aquaponics and hydroponic product sales. It is truly a place that any point of sale would be challenged to the max.

Besides having multiple selling channels Community gardens also adds a factor of fully synced eCommerce website. They use he website mostly for selling even tickets, announcements and special product sales.  Each ticket and product is synced with store inventory up to the second and fulfillment is a just a click away.

Community Gardens also has ability to sell remotely via tablets and offer chip card payments on the go. Since selling floor is so large, sales reps walk around the floor and checkout customers on tablets via chip credit card readers. Take a closer look and listed to the owner Aaron Pyka say a few words about their business and how Acid POS is helping them daily.