One of the many powerful features of the Advanced Customer Information Delivery POS systems is the Omnichannel functionality that consolidates brick-and-mortar multi-store locations, online websites, and multi-warehouse inventory management. As a merchant, you know there is nothing worse than running out of stock on an item that a customer is ready to buy. ACID POS customers always know where their inventory is located across their entire operation due to real-time updates whenever a sale or inventory change is made.

Ship From Another LocationWe are pleased to announce that ACID POS users are now able to further leverage the powerful ACID POS inventory tracking functionality when they want to ship product directly to a customer from different locations for one order, or from a different location than where the sale is completed. Inventory is always updated immediately with ACID POS, so a sale made in any channel is reflected in available stock.

There are many uses for this functionality; for instance, if a customer finds a shoe style that they like in one storefront which is out of their size, but it is available in the warehouse or at another store location. Or a customer wants to order several items from a merchant’s website, and the items are stored in different physical locations. In both scenarios ACID POS lets the customer complete the transaction immediately, the salespeople do not have to make any calls to other stores, and the merchant scores a successful sale instead of losing the opportunity.

Using multi-fulfillment, merchants using ACID POS always have full ability to control the shipping costs charged to buyers. For example, with an order being filled from two locations such as a storefront and also from a warehouse location, the merchant may choose to charge one shipping fee for the item shipped from the storefront, and then offer free shipping on the warehouse item since it is part of the same order. Another option might be to split the cost across both shipments, charging calculated shipping. A third choice might be to extend the customer free shipping on both shipments. As with most features in ACID POS, the merchant has the flexibility to decide how to handle these decisions.

The multi-fulfillment option allows for an unlimited number of items to be shipped to a customer from different locations and is not limited to the example above containing just two items. Virtually any combination of logistics is possible with ACID POS which also maximizes the availability of your inventory for your eCommerce portals.

As with all of our enhancements, because ACID POS technology is cloud-based, the multi-fulfillment functionality became immediately available to existing customers at no additional cost, and with no installation hassles. Configuration options, detailed help, and documentation are also available in the ACID POS Online Manual.