What are voids?

Point of Sale (POS) Glossary

Voids are transactions that are reversed. If a sale needs to be canceled before it has settled, it can be voided. Voiding a transaction in a point of sale system will keep the transaction from confirming in a customer’s account, so it is unnecessary to issue a credit or refund. The sale may appear pending for a few days on their account until it drops off.

A POS system can be configured to determine when a sale must be voided or when the store should refund it instead. If the day’s sales have already been closed out, the sale would need to be voided. But if a transaction has not yet been sent to a processing company for confirmation, it can often be voided.

After a void, a robust point of sale system would reverse any items back into inventory and remove the sale from the day’s totals as if it had never occurred.

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