Invest in New POS System for Small Business

A decade back “ring-ring” sound was a metaphor for a retail store small business running profitable and happy shoppers, but POS systems have become an absolute necessity in the last sever to ten years. Even in today’s neck-throat competitive world there are retailers preferring the lousy register sound.

Are you one of them? The right time has come when you can drive your business forward, giving you a win in every market battle. That battle is only winnable with seamless point of sale system.

When cashiers manage a retail store, there is generally a scope of errors or even a costly human blunder which can bring any retail business to its knees.

Sometimes sales are unrecorded, recorded inventory is not in line with stocks, and unregulated flow of cash, these are evident shortcomings associated with conventional store management.

Get Your POS System for Small Business Today!

By switching to our POS system for small business you can save money, precious time, and stay clear of accounting hassles, and obtain in-detailed analysis of sales data.

What is a POS System for Small Business?

Technically, it is a place where sales happen. POS is a digital solution for the conventional cash register with full integration of store operations. The POS system provides real-time analysis & tracking of sales. Top point of sale solutions are cloud based pos systems and integrated all available data online and inside retail stores.

At the checkout when a sale is made, the POS system will automatically record the sale and deduct items from the inventory. Thus, ensuring retail store managers stay one step ahead, and never run out of stock.

The point of sale systems for small business is highly flexible and works in a variety of environments, spanning from big restaurants, retail stores to web-based businesses.

Automatic Management of Inventory

POS System For Small Business

POS System For Small Business

As mentioned earlier, our Acid POS system automatically minus the item from inventory once the customer pays the bill. With the automatic management of inventory levels on a real-time basis, retail store owners can safeguard their respective business from costly human errors and any attempt to commit fraud.

The best part, there is no time delay between a sale and inventory levels reflecting the change instantly. This ascertains that retail owners don’t have to confront an out-of-stock scenario, which often breaks the trust of their customers. This system alerts the store manager to contact suppliers when stocks fall below a particular level.

Efficiently Run Sales & Promotion Campaigns

With our best POS system for small business, retailers can create, run, and monitor different sales and promotion campaigns. It can be exclusive offers on specific items or when the customer’s bill amount is above $500 or something similar. There are endless discount and mix and match features in store as well as online considering how we incorporated eCommerce in the mix as part of our magento pos.

A POS let you include in-detailed pricing information such as custom values, percentage of cost, and margin percentage. This will help you to formulate new promotion campaigns, and obtain accurate data between pricing & sales.

Monitoring Employee Performance

As a retail store owner, we commit a myriad of investments for creating a successful store, and hiring the right workforce can never be underpinned here.

Individuals with an inner passion and real dedication can drive your business to new peaks of success, while the lazy ones are dark clouds to your business. But don’t you worry, as our POS for small business comes with advanced functionality for tracking employee performance.

The real-time POS data will assist retailers in analyzing the contribution of every individual to your progressive business growth.

Know Your Customers

How much do you know about your customers? The majority of retail store owners don’t have an idea about this. At most, they have far-fetched information that contributes to nothing.

Our latest point of sale systems for small business presents in-depth data that illustrates critical sales patterns. Retailers can maintain a record of personal details of their customers- contact numbers & email addresses. This way they can stay connected to improve their repeat customers’ number.