Acid POS, an industry leader in the eCommerce and Point of Sale system implementation announces the release of the next generation cloud-based retail ACID POS system.

AUSTIN, TX – 12/16/2019 – The Advanced Customer Information Delivery (ACID) POS systems are the most exciting innovation of POS systems in the last decade.  ACID delivers a powerful retail point of sale solution that boasts lightning-fast processing speed, combined with real-time inventory, transaction processing, customer and employee tracking all integrated into sexy and sleek ACID hardware.  The available hardware systems are robust, yet easy to use and maintain.  The scalability, cost, and features are unparalleled at any price point, and we are thrilled to bring this combination of dependability and features at a fantastic value to small and medium-sized retailers.

One of the most exciting things about the ACID POS systems are that because processing is cloud-based, they are dynamically updated to always provide the latest updates and features, and the end-user does not have to purchase expensive server hardware and software, or backup and maintain any of these systems.  This results in a much lower cost of use for the merchants using the cloud pos system.  ACID is partnered with the leading payment solutions to bring customers the lowest processing fees, and can connect to over 80 different payment processors.

ACID POS software is available as a standalone solution as well as an extension for a popular Magento 2 platform. For merchants looking for full compatibility with their Magento 2 eCommerce stores, they can find a solution in our Magento 2 POS extension.

ACID features exceed all industry offerings with powerful functionality such as Omnichannel processing that consolidates brick-and-mortar multi-store locations, online websites, and multi-warehouse inventory management.  Inventory movement is tracked by the system and this nearly eliminates out-of-stock situations.  Additionally, ACID manages customer interactions with built-in loyalty programs, product discounts, and seamless integration to dozens of enterprise systems built for customer management.  ACID even manages returns, exchanges, tips, donations and store credits.  Customers may add ACID tablets for easy expansion and connectivity in remote locations.

“We are delighted to release our second version of ACID POS that is both culturally relevant and at par with current trends,” said Jury Balta, Founder and CEO of Acid POS.

You never have to worry about security or compatibility, as ACID systems are always updated to the latest PCI and PA-DSS standards. ACID supports unsecured swipes (not preferred), RFID chipped, Apple Pay and NFC contactless payments.