Who doesn’t like getting a gift card to a restaurant, retail store, salon, or another business? Gift cards are great for the recipient, the giver, and the retailer!

Use of Gift Cards via Point of SaleWhen I open a card from friends or family, I’m always grateful that they remembered my special occasion. But if I must be entirely honest, I’m hoping that there is a gift card inside that envelope! It always brings a smile to my face even if the card is for a small amount like $5 or $10.

Gift cards tell me that someone took the extra time to get the gift for me, and I appreciate that more than a musical or pop-up card. You can’t eat a fancy card, but you can get a sandwich with a gift card!

When I buy for people that I don’t know that well, a gift card is always my go-to because I am sure that person is going to use the card. It is so much better than giving cash, which is just a crass thing to do. Paradoxically, when I know someone very well, I usually find that they are impossible to please with physical gifts. So gift cards work best for them too.

It feels great handing someone an envelope knowing that they’re going to be surprised by a gift card inside. They are easy to mail, and if we’re in person, it is great seeing the smile on their face when the gift card falls out!

Gift cards are invaluable for retailers. The whole idea of a store’s best customers spending more money with them and then giving the card to a new person is amazing. The gift card process turns a customer into a salesperson for a merchant and brings in new patrons. And very often people spend more money than the value of the card too, both when buying and using the card!

When merchants offer gift cards from their eCommerce stores (either printed out or mailed), it provides convenience for everyone.

Gift cards are a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties involved. Everyone smiles around a gift card! Check out how ACID point of sale is using a gift card features across multiple stores and eCommerce platforms.