As a savvy small or medium-sized business owner, you know that you can’t outsell the giant mega-store. You build your customer base because you provide excellent service, an enjoyable shopping experience, and a fantastic value.

Quality Outweighs Volume When Picking a POSWhat is POS system to your business? Well, choosing the right Point of Sale system is one of the most important decisions you can make for your company. Making the best choice means you get superior customer service, top value, and a fast, reliable system that does everything you want. The wrong POS purchase can result in your business being shut down and unable to makes sales.

When you select a Point of Sale System, remember how important it is to have the support and personal touch of a customer-focused company. If you have a problem that is shutting down your business, do you want to call for help and reach an outsourced agent in the Philippines or an expert based at ACID headquarters in Texas? With ACID, you get the best system, superior value for your money, and professional support.

Unlike huge national companies, ACID connects with all of our customers. We care about supporting your needs long-term with enhancements and also in a pinch when you need help. When you want customization, we are here to assist you. What does POS mean to ACID? We believe in helping improve your business, not just collecting fees.

We provide quality service versus increasing the number of installations like the mega-POS vendors with one-size-fits-all systems. You can’t beat ACID’s fast turnaround for support and customization. And our focus is on you, not just getting the next client.

Some of our customers are new to using POS systems, and ACID is here to hold their hand when they need it. Because our cloud-based systems do not require the purchase or maintenance of any servers or software, they are perfect for new and advanced users. The system is always remotely managed with cutting-edge features and functionality.

ACID systems are scalable, which means you only need to get the terminals you need now, and can always add more in the future. We have terminals and tablets available at value pricing with no monthly rental costs. They all support NFC contactless, RFID chipped, Apple Pay, and the latest PA-DSS and PCI standards. ACID’s cellular tablets are great for avoiding bottlenecks at registers, perfect for curbside pickup, handy for your delivery drivers, and work well when you are away from your WiFi.

We have relationships with over 80 merchant gateways and processors to get you the lowest rates and offer you the best possible monthly cost of ownership. But you still get top-notch features that are usually only found in expensive Enterprise level systems.

Let us show you how ACID works and what it can do for you. This is worlds better than trying to learn a competitor’s “free-trial” iPad POS app or free web POS only to find that you have to pay to use it. POS using iPad isn’t free!

We care about our customers and will give you the support you need to get started, and whenever you need help with your POS cashier system. ACID POS is here to assist you in getting the best fit for today and empowering you to grow your business for tomorrow. Contact us today to find out more about what an ACID system can do for you.