Customers love promotions! Buyers are often pulled in by one deal and wind up buying regularly priced merchandise in addition to, or sometimes instead of your discounted items.

Merchants may worry that some people will cherry-pick sale items, but even those customers bring interest and excitement into stores. And even the most focused cherry-picker has been known to get a couple of other items if they pique her interest!

VIP Groups, Sales, Reward Programs, and other PromotionsYou can design a promotion to be as simple as a sale, where you discount one or many items, such as a 20% off sale or a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) POS purchase. Alternatively, promotions can be ongoing where you offer points on every sale or discount specifically to VIP groups.

VIP Customer Groups with automatic discount

Point of Sale VIP group feature can be a great way to celebrate a community’s uniqueness by recognizing local college or sports teams. Groups can also be created for professions, such as teachers, police, or firefighters. A creative merchant can create many different groups to cover almost anyone yet still make a group feel like they’re getting a special deal.

Gift cards

Gift cards are also an excellent way to promote your store and get new people to visit. You can offer gift cards at actual cost (like a $25 fee for a $25 card) or offer promotions where a gift card for a higher amount can be purchased for less (like $95 for a $100 card). Even when offering a discount, gift cards are still a great deal for your store, because people give them to friends and family, which gains you new customers.

What is KPI in retail?

Key performance indicators measure the success of your business. It can tell you if you have effective point of sale software, if your web based POS application is capturing all of the sales it should and if your POS eCommerce integration is working. Through promotions, you can see a vast increase in your KPI.

ACID POS allows the creation of any sale you could imagine with powerful POS capabilities. And because it is cloud-based, you do not need any back-office POS computer hardware. It also allows you to set up VIP groups and POS reward points. ACID powerful POS analytics guides you in discovering which products to sell and see which promotions are working. Additionally, ACID POS sales, gift cards, VIP groups, and other promotions work across all platforms. This means your customers can buy a gift card online through your POS eCommerce store and then give it to someone who redeems it in one of your physical stores.

Being creative in your promotions can make a huge positive difference for your business. Choose an ACID POS system to give you the maximum flexibility in implementing your ideas.