As a savvy business owner, you may want to streamline the customer experience and help patrons checkout quickly. There may be cases where a merchant wants customers to have to checkout at a particular place in their stores; for instance, a grocery store has dedicated cashiers near their doors.

Avoiding POS Bottlenecks in Your StoreIn most retail situations, a merchant knows that when customers are ready to check out, it increases their satisfaction, loyalty, and desire to return to a store when they have a quick checkout experience. How many times have you avoided a huge retail chain with a 25 cash register set up, and they only have 2 open?

With a POS system that supports checkouts from POS terminals or tablets around your store, you can empower your salespeople to complete transactions anywhere. This means you can offer convenience to customers to checkout with them and also allow them to upsell during checkout. You can capture the extra revenue for accessories. This is one of the best ideas to boost sales in retail.

Customers also love to order online and then checkout curbside with POS systems that support tablets instead of having to go into a store. With ACID POS, you can also send our cellular tablets with your salespeople and delivery drivers to complete transactions anywhere. With a robust POS system like ACID, you never have to worry about POS sync software, because all of your terminals and tablets are always in contact with your system, eCommerce store, and your POS inventory. All are updated in real-time with our point of sale technology! You can also print a POS report and get retail POS analytics, including any retail POS data, whenever you need it!

For specific high-dollar items, you might want to configure manager or dual-approval for that item. You want a POS like ACID that can distinguish between your items. This gives you the flexibility to speed checkouts when you want, but also added security when necessary. POS basic features may not include this type of functionality, so you want to be sure to choose a robust system like ACID Point of Sale.

If you run a restaurant, salon, a business with a large sales floor, or other operation where customers may be physically spread out, having multiple POS terminals or POS tablets that can complete transactions is fantastic for your business. With a scalable cloud-based system, you can add as many POS terminals or tablets as you like at any time and avoid those bottlenecks. You never have to worry about being limited by expensive back-office hardware or software when you have an ACID POS system.