Acid Custom Reports

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

ACID POS provides superior reporting features to give you a complete picture of your business numbers. We include several reports that you may customize, and you can also easily design your own for all of your needs.

ACID Custom Reports

ACID POS offers Detailed Sales Reporting that you can adjust for multiple timeframes, including the current day, the previous day, the current month, last month, and also custom date ranges. This reporting shows many details, including:

• sold product names,
• number ordered and refunded,
• sales by department and groups,
• pricing including adjustments for discounts and tax,
• order numbers,
• all totals, and more!

The DSR report gives you a complete picture of your sales across any period. This always lets you know where your stores stand and gives you a comprehensive snapshot of the reporting period.

Another useful resource is the Credit Card Transactions report that allows you to double-check any of the credit card terminal processing for issues. ACID POS has multiple safeguards in place to reduce errors, such as preventing double charges to the same card within 20 seconds, and very clear messaging to cashiers and buyers.

However, customers may not use third-party merchant terminals correctly and cause errors. Patrons may also inquire about a refund they have not yet received on their account. The Credit Card Transactions report utilizes a direct connection to the processor to check the status of any payment, refund, or reversal.

ACID POS provides both X reporting during a shift and Z reporting after the day. You can use reporting for calculations for tax for specific departments and wholesale users. You can also choose to show specific reports directly on the POS menu.

You have complete flexibility with unlimited reports and the ability to do customization for any requirements you might have. ACID POS lets you see all the numbers you need for your accounting, your management, and to help you optimize your business!