Business owners know that keeping customers happy is critical to success. There is an old saying that an angry customer tells three other people. But today, thanks to Yelp!, Google Reviews, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, an upset customer can complain to the entire world.

Dealing With Angry Customers at Checkout As a savvy business owner, you already nurture your customers by treating them with respect, offering them the best values and giving them top-notch service. Amongst the best retail store sales tips is that you must always continue to look at your business through the eyes of your customers.

You can reduce customer frustration if you have a robust checkout system in place. Patrons often complain about long waits at checkout. Be sure you have an adequate number of fast POS terminals and equip your staff with ACID tablets so that they can check out customers anywhere in the store. You will increase good feelings about your business if you provide a quick checkout experience.

Another way you can head off angry customers is to be sure your POS system is reliable, fast, and accommodates payment methods without hassle. Nothing gets a customer more annoyed than not being able to pay via the method they want, their coupons or gift card not working or some other technical foul-up.

But even with your best planning, problems with angry customers will still happen. A customer might not even really be upset with you or your store. They’re just having a bad day. And sometimes, the higher value of the item they’re buying can make them more upset if they perceive something is wrong.

When you’ve got an angry customer at your POS term, empowering your staff to make accommodations can go a long way to turning the experience around. If a customer complains about service, damaged product, or some other injustice, you need a POS term equipped to make adjustments as one of your POS features. The core purpose of it may be a basic POS system that can make sales, but the best eCommerce point of sale system / physical POS system can do much more!

ACID is an effective point of sale system that can allow your staff to offer discounts, store credits, rewards, gift cards, or other concessions. You can change an angry customer into a happy one in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, your POS capabilities should include being able to accurately record any adjustments and reasons both for your POS report accounting and also to prevent customer abuse.

Upset customers can be challenging and potentially devastating to your business. However, with an ACID POS, you can prevent situations that trigger customers and also quickly de-escalate situations and save the moment!