In today’s busy times, customers sometimes feel unappreciated. But as a savvy business owner, you know that making your patrons feels special and welcomed goes a long way towards getting their repeat business.

Benefits of Knowing Your CustomersWe all want a pleasant shopping experience, and that includes feeling valued. Your choice of retail POS application and types of POS machine can go a long way toward accomplishing this.

Loyalty POS functionality not only encourages customers to visit your store or website, but it also lets patrons know that you value them and their repeat business. Having a retail POS architecture that supports loyalty POS functionality is one of the best sales tips for retail. Your POS machine needs to do more than ring up sales or do retail POS data analytics!

With great loyalty POS functionality like you have with an ACID system, you can set up programs to give points for purchases towards free items, gift card bonuses, or even store credit. You might choose to provide a point for every dollar spent, or you could issue 1 point for $20. You might want to give points just for completing a purchase. There are endless possibilities!

Another great way to benefit from knowing your customers is to set up VIP groups that make people feel special. For instance, you might have a group for teachers, health care workers, or dog lovers. Then you can configure discounts, sales, or other perks for these groups. These sorts of clubs help people feel valued, give them incentives to visit, and let you find out more about them so you can better serve them.

Never underestimate the importance of service in retail. The hair salon owner can benefit from having a POS system like ACID that can store all of a customer’s favorite cuts. A shoe or suit store can benefit from storing a customer’s sizes and color preferences. A craft store might benefit from recording hobbies, etc. No matter what your business, knowing your customer’s tastes, helps sales!

A great POS system has the flexibility for you to design specific questions, drop-down choices, and free form note areas. This sort of personal customer data storage can go a long way and is not always considered the purpose of POS system.

Make sure your retail POS architecture supports the functionality to help you know your customers. A basic POS system will run a POS term. But the most effective point of sale system supports your relationship with your patrons.