If you sell shoes, you must offer them in different sizes, styles, and colors. A customer with a large foot can’t fit in a small shoe! You can do that by offer product variations option matrix.

However, offering product variations on other merchandise might seem like it’s not worth the hassle and has diminishing returns. Here are some scenarios to consider:

• Does it matter to a customer if that coffee mug is red or blue?
• Would someone who wants a lighter not buy one because they don’t like flowers on it?
• Do you think you’d sell more generic bottle openers than those that have sports team logos on them?

POS Product Options and Variations

POS Product Options and Variations

The answers to these questions depend on your buyers and your type of business. Some customers might not be in the market for a mug, lighter, or bottle opener, but buy one because they like one they see in your lineup. Other customers have an immediate need and will purchase whatever you have available.

If you offer multiple variations on a product, it takes up more space and costs more to keep your stock replenished. But if you have more flavors of an item, you may sell more and get better prices for your effort. You might want to experiment in your store and see what variations work best for you. You need an effective point of sale system with useful POS analytics and POS capabilities to best manage product variations.

ACID supports multi-location and multi-warehouse inventory management to easily track all of your POS inventory and unlimited product variations across your stores and warehouses. This allows you to offer every variation on your website and in your stores. Additionally, ACID provides real-time inventory management. This lets you track which variations are selling best and optimize your inventory. You can easily see what works best using a POS report. ACID also features notification and reorder triggers so you can keep all the variations in stock.

Choosing the products to have in your store can be challenging. But the payoff for making the right product variation choices can be huge for your business!