POS Multiple Product Variants

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

Creating variants for some items is critical in a clothing or shoe store. However, most businesses that handle inventory find a need for variants. They help organize your inventory and make it more simple for customers and staff to find product. You do not have to add different items for each size or color of a product; you can use variants!

Multiple Product Variants

A shoe store might have Brand X high heel pump in many colors and sizes. Our multiple product variant functionality makes matching that pump up with a customer very easy! A customer or salesperson can search by color, size, style, or other variants. For instance, you could look for all availability of red, sized 7, and Brand X. If it were available at any of your stores or warehouses, it would show. Alternatively, you might just search for size 7 shoes or red shoes or Brand X.

The multiple product variants could work for electronic, softcover and hardcover books or different colored, sized, and branded fishing rods. The types of variants and the possibilities for applying them are endless.

ACID gives you the flexibility to define up to 300 variants per item or none at all. Additionally, you can also pull from specific locations or pool all of your inventory together using our multi-inventory functionality. Being low on a variant can trigger low-stock and reorder alerts, so you never run out.

This functionality can work at your physical stores and websites. The more opportunities customers and staff have to show variations and allow different types of searches, the more likely you are to engage your customer, find something they want, and score sales.