Retail Store Credit Accounts

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

Store credit accounts are a great way to handle refunds or to allow customers to completely prepay or partially pay for future purchases. Credits can be checked and used at any ACID POS or online if you have an eCommerce store.

Store credit used in ACID point of sale

Best used as a refund option!

Buyers can use customer credit issued or purchased at any of your physical stores via an ACID POS tablet or on your website at any of your locations or online.

When a customer does a return, the cashier can apply credit to the customer’s account and notate the reason. If a customer wants to make payments towards layaway or have money available for future purchases, the store credit account makes this easy to track!

A cashier can collect the money a customer would like to apply to their credit account at an ACID POS terminal, or the customer may add money using your eCommerce website. A customer’s store credit account history can be easily accessed at an ACID POS terminal, or a buyer can also view it at your website.

When store credit is available on a customer’s account, the option to spend it is a payment choice upon checkout at any ACID POS or via your eCommerce store. A cashier or customer can easily apply the entire amount of the credit towards a sale, and then pay any necessary difference via another method. Paying with an account credit balance works the same way split payments are used when a customer would like to pay via multiple payment types.

A store credit account is a useful alternative to having to issue gift cards to customers. It is a robust ACID POS feature that adds flexibility to your refund options and makes returns, layaway, and prepayment options easy.