Loyalty Discounts and Rewards

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

Customers love loyalty discounts and rewards. These types of bonuses can be earned by customers when they buy in your retail and online stores, then applied to future purchases. ACID POS gives you complete flexibility for creating rules for obtaining and redemption of these points.

Rewards and loyalty points

Run in-house rewards and loyalty programs!

Points may have any value you assign to them. For instance, 1 point could be worth $1 in a future discount, or you could set 100 points to be worth $1. Similarly, you can set a $1 spending requirement to earn a point or require $100 in purchases before you give a point. These are both extreme examples, but you can choose any values for your earning and redemption rates that are right for your purposes.

ACID POS supports creating multiple groups; for instance, you might have a seniors group or other special groups that have discounts and promotions set for them. Because these different groups may already get additional discounts, you may choose not to include them in your points program. You can add or remove groups to your points program at any time.

You may set a minimum amount of points required before a customer may use them for a discount on an order. You can also choose the maximum amount of points allowed for use on a single order by point amount or percentage amount. For instance, you might limit redemption to a set amount like 50 points or a percentage of an order like 20%.

To summarize, you have the flexibility to set:

• if points are awarded at all,
• if your website awards points,
• any spend-amount to earn a point,
• any value for earned points,
• allow or disallow any group to earn points,
• minimum point use per order, and
• maximum point use per order.

You have complete flexibility for how you want points to work with your business.

During checkout at your stores or website (if enabled), customers can choose how many points to apply to an order, or easily pick the maximum allowed for redemption based on the rules you have set for use. Customers and cashiers can also see points available for use on an account and receipts can print points earned for a particular order.

The ACID POS Loyalty Discounts and Rewards feature gives you full control. Customers enjoy earning points, and they keep them coming back to your store. ACID empowers you to design a points program that gets you the maximum results!