Appointment Management

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

The Appointment Management feature in ACID POS is perfect for hair, nail, massage, and other service-oriented businesses. This functionality allows website buyers to select services and choose appointment times on your e-commerce site or via phone.

Make appointment in ACID POS

Set appointments online or at the store point of sale!

Some inventory-oriented businesses use this feature to let their salespeople schedule appointments for prospective customers. You might want to let buyers pick from your available slots online to set up demonstrations that will be completed at your store. There are an unlimited amount of uses for this feature!

ACID POS allows you to offer your customers the ability to create appointments with many different options, including an anticipated price for services, time, and location. This creates an order in the system that the customer can pay for immediately online or defer payment until after the services are completed. Other appointment management options include:

• ability to mark services as taxable or not,
• the choice to allow customers to cancel appointments themselves online,
• map visibility,
• contact information specific to the selection,
• duration of appointments and minimum space desired before the next available session,
• designating recurring appointment slots and weekly hourly availability, and
• choice of stores where sessions are completed.

A cashier recalls an order after the client has finished their appointment, and then any additional charges or adjustments for other services and the tip can be added before taking payment. You never have to worry about being overbooked or struggling to check availability in multiple systems and for different locations. Customers love being able to take their time and choose appointments at their own pace and see the approximate cost of services beforehand.

ACID POS makes it easy for your employees to search for appointments in a variety of ways, including date, customers, store location, and services. It is simple to keep track of what arrangements are pending and to make any necessary adjustments.

The ACID POS Appointment feature is another of the many tools our system provides to help you manage and grow your business. You will love the versatility, and your customers will too!