Delivery Management

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

ACID POS supports multiple options for shipping with any carrier you prefer, such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. But ACID also has a delivery module that streamlines using your drivers to make deliveries from your local stores and warehouses!

Deliver products to customers

Deliver and charge via card for products remotely!

Customers can order via phone, online, or at your physical stores and have items delivered to their home or office. They can pay in advance, or drivers can take payment via ACID POS cellular tablets when items are delivered. The system prompts your cashiers for address information if it was not previously entered in a customer’s profile, so there are no delays with routing or delivery later.

Home delivery is becoming a more popular option, and customers love the speed and convenience of ordering from local stores. ACID POS lets you easily manage your delivery drivers with a variety of advanced features such as:

• drivers can be separated by zip code to facilitate the most efficient routing of orders from your warehouses and stores to customers,
• ACID POS cellular tablets can take payment using a charge chip card at delivery,
• orders can accommodate tips added later,
• drivers can pick up from multiple warehouse locations and stores,
• inventory in a driver’s van can be easily tied to specific warehouses, and
• a lot more!

ACID POS allows you to indicate which items are available for delivery with your drivers, versus those that you may want to limit to store pickup or shipping. There are a variety of options available for using scheduling, including:

• choice of warehouse,
• soonest and alternate delivery dates and times (you can easily configure recurring availability, maximum deliveries, scheduling buffers, etc.),
• special instructions (ring bell, gate code, call first, etc.),
• cancelation handling options, and
• delivery fees and methods.

The Delivery Management feature makes it easy to provide your buyers with the choice of direct fulfillment using your drivers. ACID POS is a coordinated system that ties all of your stores, warehouses, website, and delivery drivers together to manage your operations seamlessly!