Automatic VIP Groups

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

You may want to offer certain customer groups a discount, and ACID POS provides a variety of ways that you can offer deals that apply to the people you select! For instance, you may want to offer a percentage off, dollar amount discount, or buy one get one specials to your long standing customers or simply apply no tax on wholesale customers.

Vip and tier group automated discounts

Automate Your Customer Relationships!

ACID POS lets you create as many customer groups as you would like. Some of these groups might include wholesalers (where you can turn off tax collection), a paid membership program, a seniors club, or some other group that you want to incentivize or handle differently than other customers. The possibilities are endless!

Groups can be easily applied and removed from customer accounts at any time. You can set up permanent discounts and promotions or sales for any groups, and any conditions you set will apply to every customer you have in that group!

ACID POS makes creating discounts easy. Let’s say you always want to give the seniors club an order discount of 20%. You can simply set up a 20% store discount and apply it to the senior group. However, if you want to design more complex promotions, you may apply different configurations and limits for your discounts including:

• maximum uses per customer,
• effective date range,
• product categories,
• buy one get one free,
• permissibility of gift cards,
• dollar discounts,
• percentage off,
• coupon requirements,
• minimum order purchase amount, and
• much more!

You could design a simple incentive for the senior group that is 25% off all items for a month (instead of the standard 20% that you usually give that group). Or you could make a more complex promotion that limits the 25% to books, with a minimum $75 purchase, and no gift cards allowed. ACID POS provides interactive and dynamic Conditions and Actions functionality that lets you easily create and implement any promotion that you want to apply to a group (or storewide if you choose).

The ACID POS Automatic VIP Groups feature gives you an unlimited canvas for creating groups and promotions. As with all ACID POS features, you have complete control to do this in a way that suits your specific business needs!