Inventory Valuation Reports

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

ACID POS provides many great tools for keeping track of your inventory. The Stock Valuation feature lets you view a snapshot of your stock at any time. Additionally, you can set it to run regular reports so that you have historical records of your inventory.

Inventory Valuation Reports

Always know your stock value!

You can launch the Current Stock Value report at any time, and the default values detail:

• all SKU and product names,
• departments,
• product selling price,
• your item cost, and
• numbers of each available in your stores and warehouses.

You may make changes to suit your specific reporting and record keeping needs. For instance, you might choose to exclude individual SKUs from a report or specify how many months you want the system to store reports, so they are available for later download. You can also generate reports specifically for one location (such as a physical store or a warehouse) or combined for your entire business. ACID provides a lot of flexibility.

ACID POS will automatically run reports at intervals that are most helpful to you. And ACID lets you designate how long you would like the system to keep reports available to download at your convenience. You can export results as a comma-separated values file and view them in any spreadsheet program. This makes it simple to store them for your accounting and for easy comparison with previous days.

The daily inventory is an invaluable tool that lets you see all of the specifics that build your stock valuation. It is beneficial having this information at the end of the month to balance your purchase orders versus your inventory. The daily snapshots of your stock also make it easy to see trends in purchases based on products, promotional sales, and other dynamic variables. This allows you to fine-tune your business to optimize your success!

ACID POS Inventory Valuation reporting feature is another of the handy tools included with every system. There is no need to worry about additional software programs or licenses when you have ACID. Our cloud-based software is built with all of the powerful features that you need today and can scale with you as you grow your business for tomorrow.