ACID Mobile Tablet Credit Card Charges

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

Our proprietary brand ACID tablet, mini BT bar code scanner, and iSMP4 connectivity provide maximum flexibility and connectivity to your ACID system. An ACID tablet works in any location with cellular access and features:

ACID M Series Point of Sale

Take it on the go!

It is an elegant and functional solution to all of your mobile ACID POS needs!

• EMV chip and PIN,
• chip and sign,
• magstripe
• NFC/contactless cards, and
• mobile wallet connectivity.

You can use an ACID tablet around your store to help salespeople recommend product, check loyalty programs, check pricing, stock availability, or complete transactions right on the sales floor. This is ideal for larger stores or to optimize your sales flow and consumer satisfaction.

Customers can order online or over the phone, and the ACID point of sale delivery feature supports chip card reading when your driver delivers at a customer’s door. The cellular connection is also handy for trade shows. You do not need to segment stock since your ACID tablet can access real-time inventory across multiple warehouses. You can just take it and go!

While using your ACID tablet remotely at a show/trunk show, you have all the access you would have at an ACID POS terminal in your store, including requesting new inventory for stock replenishment or transfers. You can even use our ticket management feature to check tickets at your remote locations! Any store credit, loyalty rewards, or other customer data is available and updated in real-time too!

The ACID tablets are compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. You may add unlimited numbers of ACID tablets as your business grows, and you can configure them with different access permissions depending on your needs.