Multiple Warehouses and Stock Control

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

The multi-warehouse feature lets you manage 1 to 500 stores. When you have multiple stores or warehouses, this ACID POS functionality ties them together. Stores, warehouses, and any eCommerce platforms are linked together so you can track your entire inventory. This warehouse functionality is usually found in expensive third-party systems connected to a POS system. However, it is a standard part of the ACID features.

Multiple Retail Location - Acid Point of Sale

Warehouse linking is entirely configurable to get a complete inventory pool. A physical store or eCommerce store may pull from:

• a single warehouse,
• multiple warehouses,
• one physical store,
• several physical stores, or
• any combination of warehouses and physical stores.

For example, you may choose to configure an eCommerce site to take inventory from one specific warehouse designated for online sales, from one particular retail store, a specific warehouse, or any combination of stores and warehouses. Alternatively, you might want to assign a warehouse specifically for an online store only.

You can optimize your delivery drivers and coordinate shipping from warehouses to multiple locations around town. Drivers can be separated by zip code to facilitate the most efficient routing of orders.

Warehouse inventory can be updated from any changes implemented in a warehouse, physical store, or eCommerce store. These may include sales, replenishment (new stock or returned), and transfers.

You can easily add new inventory, adjust inventory, or transfer stock at any time. Additionally, you can make mass adjustments and imports as needed. All transfer actions can be set to trigger automatic emails.

You can take regular inventory and also use perpetual inventory accounting. Perpetual inventory allows you to keep up with your stock by breaking inventory count into sections and working on it over specified time intervals. This is a proactive way to continuously keep a count of your inventory so that it is up-to-date, instead of relying on physical inventory counts. You can configure timeframes, warehouses, and other variables for perpetual inventory.

All of your stock information is available from any ACID device or linked eCommerce stores with the correct permissions. You can search inventory by warehouse location, department, or category. The system keeps track of product name, SKU, department, warehouse location, quantity remaining, price, and barcodes.