On Hold Management

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

Holding items for buyers is another customer-friendly feature included in ACID POS. Sometimes patrons may want to put an item on hold for later payment due to a variety of reasons, such as they:

• want to shop around more,
• have to think about it,
• do not have the money yet or need to call their bank,
• want to check with someone else, or
• forgot their wallet.

On hold ability in ACID POS

Hold items for customers on temporary basis!

You may also want to put a customer’s order on hold to check out someone else first, but do not want to have to start the sale over again. Whatever the reason you want to do a hold, ACID POS makes the task simple!

Cashiers begin the checkout process as usual, and then the order can be held. A pre-receipt can be easily generated for the customer, so they know the exact total, including tax. It also includes your store name, location, phone number, and a scannable barcode.

Held orders may be attached to a specific customer’s profile at any time. However, customers do not need to be registered, as cashiers can easily see what orders are on hold from a list in the ACID POS.

Once an order is on hold, items are temporarily removed from inventory until the sale is completed or the hold is released. This keeps inventory from being sold at an ACID POS terminal or any linked eCommerce stores.

You can view a list of held items at any time, and orders can be released per your store’s policies and procedures for reserved items. This functionality allows you to free up held-inventory whenever you need it.

The ACID POS On Hold Management feature prevents customer disappointment and increases sales. You will love what it can do for your business!