Perpetual Inventory

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

ACID POS maintains a perpetual inventory count across all of your physical stores, websites, and warehouses. When items are added or sold, the system instantly updates your inventory count in real-time. Besides perpetual inventory as our feature, you can learn more about it on this what is perpetual inventory detail page.

Perpetual inventory in ACID point of sale

No more wasting time on full inventory overhaul days!

ACID’s perpetual inventory system provides huge advantages that allow you a comprehensive view of the way your customers are purchasing. When you run sales or test new merchandise, you know exactly how it is effecting your stock. ACID always gives you real-time results, so you know what you have in inventory and can even set the system to notify you or proactively reorder stock.

Unfortunately, unreported breakage, theft, and other shrinkage sometimes occur. Conversely, employee or supplier errors can result in uncounted excess inventory. ACID POS gives you powerful options for reconciling your actual inventory against the system records.

ACID lets you break up perpetual inventory reconciliation so that you can choose:

• location, such as a particular warehouse or store,
• how frequently you want to conduct the inventory reconciliation,
• a randomized choice of products,
• specific stock SKUs (such as high dollar items),
• the weekly 20% bestsellers, and
• other configurations!

With ACID POS you can designate an hour every Friday to doing inventory reconciliation and never have to inventory your entire stock at once again! Or you may choose to do sections of inventory at other intervals, like quarterly. The choice is yours! By splitting up your inventory reconciliation using ACID’s powerful scheduling functionality, a randomized selection of products, or other options, you will always maintain accurate stock counts.

ACID’s perpetual inventory reconciliation reduces the amount of time you must allocate as a solid-block, minimizes disruption to your business, and allows you to concentrate on the stock that matters most to you during a specific period. For instance, you may choose to run inventory reconciliation on seasonal items versus currently stale stock.

ACID POS Perpetual Inventory feature is a powerful tool to get the most consistent, error-free results. As a cloud-based system, it is ideal for all small to medium-sized businesses since it is easy to scale as a company grows. With ACID you always have the flexibility and features you need!