Smartcard and PIN Access

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

ACID POS is designed to be powerful yet easy to use and access. We have set up a few ways for employees to quickly and securely log into the system:

Access through pin code• username and password,
• pin code of 4-8 numbers, and
• secure ID with a smartcard scan and go entry.

You may create any unique usernames that you want for your staff. Usually, these are just first names; however, ACID POS provides for a separate display name that is used on customer receipts, so you may choose whatever format you would like for the usernames. Administrators can easily reset passwords, and employees can also change their passwords on their own.

You may also allow users to sign in with a unique pin code of 4-8 digits. Pins are great for quick access to the system.

ACID POS also supports assigning a secure, standardized ID for each worker. This option gives you and your employees the peace-of-mind knowing that log-ins are protected. Staff can quickly scan their secure, standardized ID from an ACID Smart ID Badge, or it can also be keyed in. Employees are protected from someone else logging them in or out of the system without their badge or keying their secure, standardized ID.

ACID ID cards are available for individual sale or also in 10-packs. They feature employee name, picture, title, and a scannable barcode. The badges hold up well under long-term use and look great. These cards make it simple for workers to access the system quickly.

Administrators may completely customize the privileges an employee has on the system, for instance, options tailored for a cashier versus a store manager. Additionally, access can be limited to one store, warehouse, website, or remote locations that align with the employee’s job responsibilities. The same log-in can be used from anywhere on an ACID tablet.

The ACID POS Smartcard & PIN Access, Remote Access features allow you a variety of customization options so that you may choose what works best for your business. ACID cares about your security and ease-of-use needs.