Purchase Order Management

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

The ACID POS Purchase Order Management feature allows you to create purchase orders easily. Users with the correct permissions can reorder stock whenever it is needed.

Purchase order management

Be on top of your PO ordering!

The system allows you to manage your suppliers and keeps track of all relevant information required for purchase orders. All the inventory you may wish to reorder can be associated with the appropriate supplier, their SKU number, cost, and any tax percentage for that item. If you have not used a supplier previously, it is simple to add one at any time and associate it with the products you want to order.

You may grant users at any store or warehouse the ability to request stock from suppliers via purchase orders. When employees are ready to create a new PO, ACID recalls previously-stored supplier and product data and can also collect any additional or changed information. The system can generate purchase orders with all the needed specifics such as:

• shipping address,
• shipment methods and costs,
• payment terms (NET 30, NET 60, COD, partial payments, credit accounts, discounts or other details),
• current item cost, and
• full capability to customize purchase orders to contain the information your suppliers need!

Purchase orders can be partially completed and saved to finish later. They can be recalled at any time for viewing and editing. You can run tax and inventory valuation reports on the true (versus average) cost of every purchase order.

ACID makes it simple for your company to receive inventory at any store or warehouse location. In cases where a supplier partially fills a purchase order, ACID makes it easy to indicate the partial shipment in the system and keep the order open until it is completed.

Stock can always be easily transferred between your warehouses and stores. ACID POS has real-time inventory management, so you can see your total stock from any ACID terminal and also have it available to purchase from your stores and websites as soon as it is marked as received.

The ACID Purchase Order Management feature allows you to create purchase orders easily, keep track of your suppliers, check the status of your purchase orders, check-in deliveries and so much more. ACID POS is an all-in-one solution for streamlining your retail operation!