Rental Management

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

If you rent clothing, sporting equipment, or any kind of merchandise, ACID POS has the ultimate solution for you! Customers can create rental requests at your physical store, online, or via phone for specific dates and times based on your real-time rental availability.

Rental feature in ACID POS

Rent your merchandise online or on point of sale!

ACID POS allows you to input starting equipment total per time slot, physical location, and recurring availability based on your store schedule. It is easy to set up and maintain and works effortlessly with the rest of your system, including taking payments. And all of your rental availability is linked together and updated simultaneously with ACID POS!

A rental order reserves the equipment and provides the customer with a preliminary total. Then the order can be finalized to include all costs after the rental is completed. This is perfect for merchants who offer leases of kayaks, bikes, cars, tools, clothing, or anything at all.

Renters can reserve equipment on your website or with your agent. They are given a total based on the options they indicate. Customers may pay for the rental immediately, or you may allow them to choose to wait until they are at your store. If they pay later, you can easily modify the order to include any additional costs. If they decide to pay at the time of the order, your employee can bill for any additional charges when the rental is complete.

The rental order configuration includes:

• the maximum quantity of each equipment type available total and by the hour,
• store location of the rental,
• hourly prices, and
• item videos and images.

All of the promotions you may set up for a customer can also apply to rentals. For instance, loyalty points, discount groups, sales, and coupons. You have complete flexibility in how you want to incentivize customers!

ACID POS makes renting equipment a snap. Instead of having to use separate systems for scheduling, equipment inventory, and your POS system, ACID gives you an all-in-one solution. You will never again have to worry about overbooking and the customer disappointment that it causes. The ACID POS Rental Management feature makes your equipment rentals easier for yourself and your patrons!