Split Payments

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

You may choose to allow customers to break up their purchase amount into various payment methods. This is called a split payment. A customer may want to do this to divide the total between credit and debit cards. Or they might want to pay for some of an order in cash and the rest with a store gift card or loyalty reward.

Split multiple payments

Split credit cards multiple times!

There are many reasons that customers may wish to use multiple payment methods, and the flexibility of an ACID POS system allows you the ability to accommodate this request. A cashier can quickly complete an order with just one payment method or continue to add payment methods as they are requested by the customer and permitted by your configuration.

ACID POS can split payments amongst various payment sources, and any amount left after applying to each source can be recorded on a customer’s account as money due later if you choose to allow this.

ACID POS allows split payments amongst various payment types such as:

• credit cards,
• debit cards,
• cash,
• checks,
• store credits,
• gift cards,
• loyalty rewards and
• money due later.

When checking out, each payment source is processed by the system, and the cashier can easily see if any of the partial payments do not complete. The cashier can then remove failed payment methods or retry them as necessary. Each payment type can be entered multiple times, for instance, if a customer wants to use more than one credit card or more than one debit card.

ACID POS reporting keeps track of how payments were processed and segments this information in the reports. It is easy to see which payment sources were accepted for orders and any amount that may still be due on a customer’s account (if you choose to allow partial payments).

Customers frequently want to use split payments, and ACID POS makes it easy with this simple, yet powerful functionality.