Item Coupons and Cart Discounts

ACID Point of Sale Features and Capabilities

Customers like sales and discounts. And you will love how ACID POS provides a variety of ways that you can offer deals to your customers.

Custom and per item discounts

Share coupons and discounts across your online and retail stores.

Per your store’s policies and procedures, you can empower a cashier to discount up to preset levels. This can be a percentage level or dollar amount applied during checkout. This ability is helpful for situations where a product is missing a part, has damage, is the last in inventory, or other conditions where you want your cashiers to have discretionary ability to reduce the price.

If you set the maximum order discount to 20%, a cashier could choose to apply any percentage amount from 1% to 20% off the total sale. For a $200 order, the cashier could reduce the amount due in dollars up to $40 off.

You can also give your cashiers the option to set special pricing on one particular stock item on an order without affecting the other products sold in the same purchase. A $20 item could be changed to a special price of $15 without discounting the rest of the order or subsequent sales.

ACID POS lets you create coupon codes that you can use on flyers, emails, online, or other advertising and set various configurations such as:

• maximum uses per customer,
• effective date range,
• product categories,
• minimum order purchase amount, and
• much more!

You could design a simple sale that is 30% off all items for a week or limit the 30% to sporting gear, with a minimum $50 purchase, and no gift cards allowed. ACID POS provides interactive and dynamic Conditions and Actions functionality that lets you easily create and implement your sales.

You choose how much flexibility you want to give your cashiers and can change it at any time. And you pick how you want your sales to look. ACID POS comprehensive reporting lets you view your complete picture in realtime so you can monitor how discounts were applied and their impact on your bottom-line.

ACID POS gives you the freedom to run sales and discounts in the ways that fit your business. We designed ACID so that it works for you!