Our Jewelry Point of Sale System Can Raise Your Business to New Heights

Your jewelry shop offers the best in diamonds, engagement rings, fashion rings, and/or necklaces. But is your old cash register or POS system keeping you down? ACID POS offers powerful features so you can have the jewelry pos system that you’ve always wanted!

  • Sell through retail & online channels
  • Scale automatically for years to come
  • Very low credit card processing rates
  • All your current data will be transferred

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Is Your Jewelry Point of Sale System Holding You Back?

Your competitors are all getting modernized, and now you can too! ACID POS can help you with a fully scalable system that fits your exact needs now and can easily grow as you do. Offering stellar support and response times!

Our popular jewelry point of sale system features

Multiple Retail Stores

Multiple Retail Location - Acid Point of Sale

Store Pickups

In store and curbside pickups

Purchase Power Index

Purchase power index

Loyalty & Rewards

Rewards and loyalty points

You already know that to please your customers, you have to keep track of a lot of inventory that you may have in multiple locations. The ACID jewelry pos system supports multi-warehouse management, which reports your stock at all of your stores, warehouses, and what you sell on your eCommerce websites.

Apparel Point of Sale

With ACID, you always know your current real-time inventory and its value. The system can also let you add new stock, adjust inventory, or transfer merchandise. There are multiple methods for inventory reconciliation, and ACID uses perpetual inventory accounting.

Your website and stores can always know what you have in stock and where it is located. If you want to offer delivery service, online ordering with curbside pickup, or shipping, ACID POS can do all of that too!

Does your current Jewelry Shop POS allow you to create purchase orders easily? With ACID, users with the correct permissions can automatically reorder stock whenever it is needed. System triggers can also let you know via email before you run out of merchandise. And when you receive deliveries, our jewelry store POS allows your staff to check in full or partial receipt!

Retaining customer loyalty is hugely important in the jewelry shop business. Want to configure a VIP diamond club or offer discounts to students or senior citizens? You can do this and more with our jewelry shop POS. You can also create sales, coupons, and gift cards, and you can set any conditions you want for their use. And like all ACID pos features, this functionality is available throughout your physical stores and websites!

Cashiers and salespeople can use an ACID POS tablet to check out customers anywhere in your store, or remotely when at trade shows using a cellular connection. The ACID tablets and all ACID POS terminals support the latest PCI and PA-DSS security, unsecured swipes (not preferred), RFID chipped, Apple Pay, and NFC contactless payments. You can have a credit card chip terminal wherever you go!

ACID lets you safeguard your high-dollar items, so specific cashiers need a second employee to confirm the purchase (such as for junior employees or trainees). And you can also require dual-approval to complete purchases for specific high-theft merchandise or valuable jewelry!

Our jewelry point of sale system is cloud-based, so you do not have to buy or update expensive back-office hardware for your retail store. We remotely maintain ACID with the latest software and new features, so that you don’t have to.

ACID is right for you now and in the future. You can begin with just the terminals you want and then add to your jewelry point of sale system as your business gets larger! Because ACID Point of Sale is cloud-based, the sky is the limit for your store or eCommerce scalability.

ACID POS is partnered with over 80 merchant processors and gateways to get you the absolute lowest transaction rates. Customers love that our jewelry pos system is super-fast for quick checkout. And ACID equipment is elegant, simple to use, and all hardware is 100% compatible.

Advanced Customer Information Delivery wants to be your jewelry POS sale solution. We can help you transfer existing inventory and other data and assist you with an implementation that exceeds your expectations. Schedule a free consultation now to see what our jewelry point of sale system can do for you!

Point of sale omnichannel experience

Retail POS system that does it all!

  • Run multiple retail stores in live sync
  • Run multiple websites in live sync
  • Offer delivery service or store pickup
  • Best processing rates in the industry
  • See all other capabilities…

How ACID POS Works

ACID POS On Location

ACID POS Elegance

Message from our CEO:

“We understand that running efficient point of sale at your store is an ongoing process and we are dedicated in delivering stellar customer service at any point. As our customer, you are part of ACID ecosystem that you can rely on for years to come. We will make your transition as smooth as possible and continue to bring you the most advanced pos system on the market. Feel the difference that ACID POS makes!”

Magento 2 Compatible
Multiple Extensions Available

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