ACID’s corporate office is in Austin, Texas, and we do hands-on local installations in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and other cities within 400 miles from us. We specialize in retail, restaurants, and bars point of sale businesses and focusing on being your first choice local point of sale company.

Unlike large national companies that concentrate on volume sales, as a locally-owned enterprise, we connect with our in-person customers as a local point of sale company. We depend on your business growth, and we will point you in the right direction to succeed.

Local Point of Sale CompanyOur cloud-based systems do not require you to purchase or maintain any servers or software. The system is always remotely managed with cutting-edge features and functionality. With ACID, you have industry-leading service and support wherever you are located. But when you are a local customer, we can be there for you in person when you need it, as well as remotely!

Advanced Consumer Information Delivery has several elegant terminals and tablets available at value pricing with no monthly rental costs! They all support NFC contactless, RFID chipped, Apple Pay, and the latest PA-DSS and PCI standards.

They have screen sizes from 16 to 20 inches, dual displays, and we also have cellular-connected tablets. ACID tablets are great for avoiding bottlenecks at registers, perfect for curbside pickup, handy for your delivery drivers, and fantastic when you are on location at a trade or trunk show.

Because ACID equipment is specifically designed for our systems and we remotely administer operations, our customers rarely have problems. But sometimes being our local customer can come in handy.

We recently had a San Antonio customer who was having internet connectivity problems due to their ethernet wiring. While internet connectivity wasn’t a problem with our systems, being local to the customer helped us to diagnose the problem quickly.

Being in Texas, we already work with customers like you and are aware of our regional and local point of sale needs. Our curbside pickup and delivery functionality were both designed with our Texas customers in mind. You can’t beat the ACID turnaround on support and customization. And our focus is on serving every customer 100%, not just getting more customers!

We believe in providing quality service versus increasing the number of installations like the mega-POS vendors with one-size-fits-all systems.

ACID is scalable, so you can get just the terminals you need today and expand as your business grows. With ACID, you never pay rental fees on equipment!

ACID local white-glove level service comes to your business and helps you to make the best choices for your location. We will be there to help you from the start and whenever you need us 24/7.

We also have relationships with over 80 merchant gateways and processors to get you the lowest rates. With the lowest fees and value-priced equipment, we offer you the best possible monthly cost of ownership for Texans. Our motivation is your success with ACID and not about fees!

The ACID graphical system is customizable to your needs with your logo, colors, and offers super-quick processing. ACID also works well with the included state of the art website.

We can also link to your existing Magento 2 eCommerce store so your patrons can order online for delivery, curbside or in-store pickup. Appointments, reservations, point of sale tips, and donations are also supported if you run a restaurant, salon, or other service industry business.

ACID makes it easy to create VIP discounts, sales, loyalty point programs, coupons, and gift cards that work across all of your stores and websites. We also make it simple to see your real-time sales and stock at stores, warehouses, and your websites with multi-warehouse management. ACID lets you add stock, adjust inventory, or transfer merchandise.

Powerful reporting and recordkeeping are also standard with ACID. Our reporting features are customizable, and you always have real-time data at your fingertips. We also provide many choices for inventory reconciliation to meet your needs without having to shut down to take inventory.

As a Texas owned business, we want to support your store and be your local choice. You will always be our neighbor, not just a number. Let us demonstrate what ACID can do for your company and show you how we can help you move forward.